15 Seconds with Executive Director Marypat Tracy

Did you hear the news? SOWN is now Connectedly! You must have, since you are here on our new website. Here is a fifteen second interview with our Executive Director Marypat Tracy about the name change.

Why are you excited about the new name Connectedly?
Marypat: SOWN does impactful work with older adults. However, we have ‘out grown’ our name. We needed a name that reflects that crucial work we do. We found one… Connectedly!
What has been the reaction from the Board and our participants?
Marypat: The Board was instrumental in the name change process and voted to select Connectedly. Change is difficult and the participants are adjusting to our new name.
How does our new name guide our mission?
Marypat: Connectedly truly reflects our mission of building and nurturing communities where older adults connect with others to prevent social isolation and loneliness. Our name has changed but the essential social services we provide remain the same!

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