July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

As a donor, you stand for older adults and their families. Thank you.

At a Philly Families Read Together event, a grandmother smiles between 3 grandchildren.
Wide Eyed Studios

$1,000 and Up

Anonymous Donors (2)

Christine Baysmore

Denise McKnight, CPA


$500 to $999

Julie Auerbach, Esq.  

Brendon Bareiss-Bodie  

Beth Burrell and David Sorensen  

Callista O Chukwunenye

Jane Isaacs Lowe  

Helen Levine, Ph.D.  

Carol Magee  

  • Merck Foundation Matching Gift  

Roslyn Pollack  

Carolyn Schneider  

Summit Presbyterian Church  

Wright-Hayre Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation


$250 to $499 

Anonymous Donors (2)  

Barbara Cohen  

Alemayehu and Eileen Addis  

  • KeyBank Matching Gift   

Jennifer Arevalo  

Jane Century  

Barry Davis and Cathy Schappert  

Jennifer Donsky  

Merle Drake  

Bonnie Eisenfed  

Sylvia Forman  

Grace Marie and Steve Gerber  

Karen J. Hanson, Ph.D.  

Emily Levine  

Cynthia Little  

John Mullaney  

  • Comcast $500 Gift            

Normadene Murphy  

Michelle Palmer  

Arlene and David Segal  

Leslie Sherman  

  • AstraZeneca Matching Gift            

Margaret Stohler  

Susan Thomas  

Kevin and Connie Tracy  

Bill Travers  

John Wei

$100 to $249 

Anonymous Donors (3)  

Karen Bareiss  

Marlene Bareiss  

Amy Brantz Bedrick  

Gail Bober and Jeff Bakely  

Leslie and Kenneth Brier  

Mary Jane Cobbs  

Jane Combrinck-Graham  

Lauren Comiskey  

Brian Corcodilos  

Deborah Davis  

Miriam Diamond  

Nancy Drye  

Linda Fein  

Amy Finkelstein, MD  

Maureen Finley  

Maureen Gibney, Psy.D.  

Sharon Gornstein  

Angela Griffiths  

Carly Handley  

Alexandra M. Hanson  

Nancy Higgins

Vanessa and Ivan Hantman

Brian Hines  

Sharon Hsu  

Kevin and Cynthia Johnson  

Maxine Katz  

Abigail Lang  

Anne Lantz  

Lori Latimer  

Paul Latimer and Jackie O’Connor  

Anne Rhodes Lee  

Marsha Levin  

Robin Lowey  

Ellen Mallin  

Mindy Mazer  

Catherine McDonald  

Maire McShane  

Helen Miller  

Nancy Morrow  

Tatsuya and Yoko Nakamura  

Assured Partners  

Marcia Penn  

Polished Hair Studio  

Diane Posternack

Leena Ritchie  

Sarah Rosenberg  

John Rosenberg  

Jean and Pritam Sabharwal  

Susan Schewel  

Cathy Schiman  

Marla and Larry Segal  

Howard and Deb Sitron  

Sara Sobel  

Diane Soifer  

Elizabeth Stegner  

Jason and Mayu Stehly  

Mark Stern  

Letty Thall  

Hannah Toneff  

Marypat Tracy  

Kathryn Tracy  

Maureen E. Travers  

  • Bank of America Matching Gift    

David and Betsy Wice  

Linsey Will  

Marion Winkler  

Dr. Juanita Woodland