Counseling for Homebound Adults

Weekly group counseling and support sessions are held via the phone by licensed clinical social workers for homebound older adults to increase social connections and foster positive self-worth. Participants share concerns, joys, sorrows, coping tools, and resources for the situations they face. Discussion topics may include trauma and loss, building resilience while making challenging decisions, and coping with dependence as we age. All that is needed to participate is a landline or mobile phone.

An older woman is seated in her home and talking on the phone.

Older adults are eligible to participate through the Home and Community Based Services aging waiver available to all Pennsylvanians over age 60. Services are free of charge and authorized by their Community Health Choices insurance provider. To enroll for the Aging waiver, visit

Debby Davis
215-487-3000 x 13

2023 Impact

In their Connectedly group,

100%feel they belong to a group of people who understand and accept them.

100%feel they are not alone.

100%feel they are helping others and having an important impact in their lives.

“It’s a very positive group and especially for people who don’t have anyone… It’s encouraging to hear what others have gone through… There are people my age or older and so many times, older people may not have anyone to talk with who understand.” –Homebound Counseling participant