GrandFamily Resource Center

The GrandFamily Resource Center serves grandparent-headed families in the Greater Philadelphia area. In Philadelphia, there are 17,000 grandparent-headed families. African American children are disproportionately affected, with 1 in 5 living with their grandparent for all or some of their childhood. Learn More →

A closeup of a drawing made by a young child of her favorite memories with her grandparent caregiver.

GrandFamily Programs

Grandparent caregivers experience significant stress in their parenting role and while navigating a digital school system. They may face financial hardship, legal hurdles to accessing services, and lack of appropriate care from service providers. Connectedly’s GrandFamily Resource Center and its three programs use a trauma-informed, culturally and linguistically sensitive approach to alleviate these challenges so grandparents can live stable, fulfilling lives, and be vital supports to the children in their care.

Philly Families Connect

Philly Families Read Together

Philly Families Eat Smart

“[Connectedly’s] grandparent group is like having a best friend… that’s given me hope and the faith to keep going because I am not alone. You may not find a solution that day, but you will collect enough information to head in the right direction. And we are blessed to have Arlene as our mentor.” –GrandFamily Resource Center participant