Healthy Lives Community Groups

Healthy Lives Community Groups are held throughout Philadelphia for older adults living independently in neighborhoods to create and sustain social connections.

A group of older women are gathered for a Healthy Lives Group at Southwest Senior Center, talking and laughing together.

There are ongoing meetings where participants share common challenges, discuss coping tools, provide emotional support, and exchange information and resources. Healthy Lives workshops on topics such as Covid-19, stress management, and self-care for older adults offer additional education and resources on a regular basis. The social connections gained are proven to reduce or stabilize depression, increase coping skills, and promote independence.

Debby Davis
215-487-3000 x 13

Meeting locations

2023 Impact

In their Connectedly group,

88%feel they get help with their problems.

100%feel they belong to a group of people who understand and accept them.

100%feel they are not alone.

“[Connectedly] is the one service at my center that I find best for me. A great group of women who are funny, knowledgeable in many different areas, willing to share and listen to one another.” –Healthy Lives Community Groups participant