Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of the holidays, we would like to share a win for our team. Late last week, a grandmother was referred to Connectedly (formerly SOWN) by Rep. Chris Rabb‘s office. The grandmother had just received partial custody of her four grandchildren. Connectedly’s GrandFamily Educator Dionne Wright Chambers was able to provide her with an emergency gift card to get her grandchildren presents for the holidays. Connectedly’s Outreach Coordinator Donnie Cunningham (pictured) reached out to West Oak Lane Senior Center, and they were able to provide new clothes through their clothes pantry and a basket of food for the grandfamily. We cannot think of a better way to celebrate the holidays than to band together in support of our families.

Connectedly's Outreach Coordinator collects clothing for a grandparent-headed family ahead of the holidays.

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