Supporting the Whole Family

A grandmother and member of Philly Families Read Together shared her moving testimonial. Her son, who is enrolled in a rehab program as part of his parole, was granted a pass to attend his children’s school award ceremony. The grandmother had written a letter to the rehab program, stating that to connect with his children socially and emotionally, he needed to be physically present in their education. In her letter, the grandmother wrote about how Philly Families Read Together focuses on supporting the needs of the whole family with social emotional literacy. The program uses books written by authors who address the support that grandparent-headed families need. Some of the authors have written letters and emails to the father to keep him motivated and involved in his children’s education. The grandmother shares the program’s books and activities with her son so he can understand how to support his children’s literacy needs. His counselor believes that the program is providing him with skills for his recovery and helping him to connect with his children.

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